Tuesday, February 8, 2011

CBS's Gary Parrish is Setting Bait

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 Over the weekend, CBS college basketball writer, Gary Parrish took to bashing the NC State basketball program via his twitter account. I'd like to think that he was well intentioned by saying the next coach at NCSU would be a coach with no better options, but someone who says that is from Mississippi and has never covered the ACC from a national perspective. And Parrish didn't just send out one missive and let it go, he had to keep taking his shots.

Here are some examples of Parrish's .... opinion?

I don't mind Parrish having an opinion. Not at all. But I do have a problem with him using this platform when being employed by premier sports broadcasting company and trashing a school, no matter which one it is. If a coach didn't want the pressure of performing, and trying to beat the best in the country, then why would they be a division one coach? Well, there's always Memphis in Conference USA and their traditionally one NCAA tournament bid. Calipari knew C-USA would be easy pickings, too. Oh, did I mention that Parrish covered Memphis for a few years? As much as he wants to say how smart Cali is for turning down State, he failed to mention Calipari's Wildcats are sitting at 4-4 in the SEC East after the exodus from last years team to the Association.

Here's some more hatred from Parrish.

If you look at the line directly above, he's even underestimating how good Duke and UNC are. You could take almost any basketball program in the country, and it would still be the third best program if located near the Devils and Heels. Yes, even Kansas. Or Roy would have stayed there. The Kentucky reference is in regards to the weak attempt NCSU admin's made in trying to get Calipari to be the coach at NC State. Frankly, I didn't want him because you don't build tradition - or in State's case, reclaim - by having a bunch of one-and-done freshman, no matter how good they are. And besides, NCAA investigators - all one of them - like Cali too much for my liking.

Everette Case, Norm Sloan, and Jim Valvano all did a great job at NC State and they're not hated. They're practically worshipped. Joe Ovies of the Triangle's ESPN radio affiliate, had it right when he said that . . .

NC State athletic leaders made a mistake years ago Wolfpack fans are still paying for today: Les Robinson. While still playing with Valvano's recruits, Robinson went 20-11 in his first season, then tanked afterwards under the weight of academic sanctions and injuries. Point being, the NCSU administration did not properly follow up with a good hire following Valvano, just like they did not after Sendek left. A good hire could turn the program back around. Even UNC has turned it around after the Coach Gut and Doherty debacles, only because the administration there knows basketball is there money maker and treated it as such. The NCSU admin had a swing-and-a-miss on two of three swings. But anyway, back to Parrish.

It's funny how one question on twitter sent him into a 20 minute rampage against the NCSU basketball program. The folks at Tarheelfanblog.com even had to defend the NCSU program in September 2009 against him. You can read it here.

And then there is today. While being interviewed on the triangle's 620AM, The Buzz, Parrish compared the NCSU coaching position to 3rd string Kardashian sister, Khloe Kardashian. Here's the audio if you care. And here it is in writing from Josh Goodson. Parrish is free to say what he wants to. And now that he's made little name for himself, I'm sure he's proud of that. But his ego needs to be reminded that he is getting his 15 minutes, not because of something great he did, but simply because he's going back for thirds on a carcass that has already been picked clean. Mostly by himself at this point. Gary Parrish, it's time for you to move on and find another fan base to berate.

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