Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Andy Dalton's New contract and the League of Quarterbacks

Yesterday, the Bengals inked quarterback Andy Dalton to an extension that will keep him in orange and black until 2020. While details of the deal have not been fully divulged, it was announced the deals total value is for $115 million. Keep the change.

While the Bengals, and Dalton to a large degree, are taking heat for throwing money at a quarterback that is 0-for the postseason in his three trips, keep in mind that he has lead the Bengals to the postseason in each of his three seasons.

Too many armchair fans are probably ready to toss Dalton to the wolves in favor of the next and best coming out of the draft, but let's put the brakes on that idea, and quickly. The Bengals of today are not the Bengals of a few years ago, when Carson Palmer was at the helm, or even the mid-to-late 90's Bengals when they had a revolving door at the position. The Bengals of today are built on consistency. (See: Marvin Lewis is entering his 13th year as head coach.) Despite Dalton's magnified playoff woes, it's important for the Bengals, and any NFL team for that matter, to have consistency at the most important position on the field. With the Dalton extension, the Bengals get that. He's a proven winner with a 30-18 regular season record, which includes a 11-5 mark and AFC North title for the 2013 season.

If you were to look at the teams that routinely miss the playoffs, and their list of starting quarterbacks over the years, you would understand why the Bengals locked up Dalton for the long term.

Here is the Cleveland Browns over the years.
I miss those guys.

Jacksonville Jaguars? Since David Garrard was injured/released near the end of the 2010 season, the Jaguars have used five different quarterbacks, and still can't decide between Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne, which is like choosing the quarterback to lead you to the land of average.

The Vikings? Aside from Bret Favre who retired again, their starting quarterbacks since Daunte Culpepper (2005) is a list of guys who probably who probably wouldn't be on the Vikings practice roster if they could do it all over. Tarvaris Jackson? Kelly Holcomb? Brooks Bollinger? Joe Webb? Even Christian Ponder.....

The Raiders? Seriously, I'm trying not to laugh. Including the 2003 season, the Raiders have used 19 different quarterbacks. Seriously. The last time a Raiders quarterback made it through an entire season was 2002. Rich Gannon is the answer.

While many people will deride the Bengals for giving Dalton such a large, and even long, extension, consistency is key to winning in the NFL. And when you have signal caller that has lead you to the playoffs in each of his first three seasons, you probably want to keep them around for a few years. He may never win a Super Bowl, but it's better than being the Raiders.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Josh McCown Deserves chance to be Bears regular starter

The unsung Josh McCown has the Chicago Bears right back in the playoff hunt after beating the Dallas Cowboys 45-28 on Ditka Day in Chicago. At 7-6, the Bears are tied with the Lions and remain one game in front of the Packers. Nothing is guaranteed though, as the Bears have games remaining against the resurgent Eagles and finish up the regular season against the Packers, who will probably have Aaron Rogers back under center by then.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Michigan State's Win and the BCS mess

If you were otherwise occupied last night, Michigan State upset previously undefeated Ohio State last night to capture the Big 10 Championship. Michigan State is assumed to be on their way to the Rose Bowl as Big 10 victors. Which is fine, because that's the deal the Big 10 has in the BCS landscape.

But do the 12-1 Spartans have a claim to the BCS Championship game? After all they just beat the number 2 team in all the land in Ohio State. And here we go.

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